Providing insights and optimization of new and old media.

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_ Surplace

Insights and optimization of new and old media.

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Old and new media marketing efforts in one overview.
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_ SurPlace

  • Role: Developer
  • Clients: Campofrio, Pon, Old Amsterdam, Maaslander, Bolletje, ANWB
  • Technology: Drupal 6, Feed importer, gRaphaeljs
  • Website:

Surplace offers an almost real time insight on performance of commercials and promotions in old and new media. Analyzing the effects in historical data and, monitor real-time data.. take a breath and clear your mind.. and make a well informed decision where your brand can get the most marketing effect for it's bucks.

As one of the developers it was my task to:
  • Create an architecture for multiple clients and brands
  • Make Big-Data visible in an actionable manner
  • Create graphs
  • Create api's to import external data