The Fuzeo platform connects the offline with the online.

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_ Fuzeo.com

Fuzeo.com is the coporate website for Fuzeo, and showcases their products and cases.

_ Client: Hyundai

Socially conntected motorshows in Amsterdam, Frankfurt and Geneva.
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_ Client : Heineken

Secret Agents at the Crack the Case received their profile on Facebook.
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_ Fuzeo

  • Role: Lead software development
  • Clients: Hyundai, Heineken, Endemol, Ice-World, Enviu, Stadsschouwbug Amsterdam
  • Technology: Drupal 7, jQuery, RabbitMQ, Jenkins, Facebook API
  • Website: www.fuzeo.com

Fuzeo connects offline events and venues to the online (social) world. We developed a platform that connects the hardware in the real world, with actions in the digital world. This platform allows clients to configure the hardware and the actions (content of Facebook posts for example). It also provides a unified way to register visitors that can be easily adjusted to the client's brand.

As the lead software development, it was my task to:
  • Create an architecture for the platform
  • Develop code standards
  • Setup automated testing
  • Manage team to create kick-ass stuff
  • Develop the platform