Logo Bits n Bolts, naar Laravel, Forge and Papertrail
3 February 2016
How to set-up Papetrail on Forge with Laravel 5 using secure communications.
Tags: laravel, forge, and papertrail
Drupal.org, naar RoyalSlider Drupal module Intro
13 December 2013
Get up and running with the RoyalSlider integration module for Drupal.
Tags: drupal 7, royalslider, and module
Kalender, naar Calendar module post
6 December 2013
This blog post I will explain how you can get the name of the months in your calendar view pager instead of the default "prev" and "next" links.
Tags: drupal 7, calendar, views, and how-to
Logo Bits n Bolts, naar Hello Planet
26 November 2013
A big welcome to my blog! Let me explain what you can expect of it in the future.
Tags: welcome, bits 'n bolts, and drupal